How to select your perfect roast

Selecting your perfect coffee roast involves considering your taste preferences, brewing method, and the characteristics of the beans.

The roast level of your coffee beans plays a significant role in the flavor of your coffee. Here’s a Franja coffee step-by-step guide to help you choose the perfect coffee roast:

1. Roast Levels:

  • Light Roast: Light brown in color, with a milder flavor and higher acidity. It often highlights the unique characteristics of the bean’s origin, offering fruity or floral notes (for example Cibao, Peru, Costa Rica…).
  • Medium Roast: Medium brown in color, with a balanced flavor profile. It has moderate acidity and body, with hints of nuttiness or chocolate (for example Espresso Exclusive, Top Crema…).

2. Consider Your Taste Preferences:

  • Determine whether you prefer a brighter, more acidic coffee or a smoother, less acidic one.
  • Decide if you enjoy nuanced flavors or a bolder, stronger taste.
  • Think about whether you like the taste of caramelized sugars or if you want the bean’s natural flavors to shine through (common in light roasts).

3. Know Your Brewing Method:

  • Different brewing methods can emphasize different aspects of the coffee. For example, pour-over method often work well with lighter roasts, while espresso and Turkish can handle medium roasts.

4. Experiment:

  • Start by buying small quantities of different roast levels and bean varieties.
  • Brew each type using your preferred method and take notes on taste, aroma, and body.

5. Consider Bean Origin:

  • Coffee beans from different regions have distinct flavor profiles.
  • For example, Ethiopian beans may have fruity and floral notes, while Colombian beans might have nutty or chocolatey flavors.

Remember that the perfect coffee roast is highly subjective. What matters most is that you enjoy the coffee you’re brewing. Your taste preferences may evolve over time, so be willing to explore different roasts and origins periodically.

Through experimentation and trying different options, you’ll eventually find the roast level and coffee bean variety that suits your palate best.

Thank you for being a part of your coffee journey.